Saturday, July 23, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Costa Rica

Miss Universe 2011 Live Stream. It's another day to read some updates in Miss Universe 2011. Now we will go for Miss Costa Rica 2011 to be added in the list to compete in Miss Universe 2011 this September. I will introduce her to you, her name is Johanna Solano is the official representative of their country. Miss Costa Rica 2011, Johanna Solano (height 1.75m, age 20 year old) a Psychology and Business Management student was crowned as Miss Costa Rica 2011 on March 25 at the Children’s Museum Auditorium in San Jose.

She has an exotic beauty but has good looking body figure and tantalizing smile. If she will do his best he has a chance to win in their beauty pageant event. Support her for her visions. Miss Universe 2011 Live Stream.